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Each Painting class will be based on different theme to inspire your children's creativity, observation and imagination. Your child will be introduced to a variety of mediums and art techniques to develop creative skills and to improve patience and concentrations.

Singing lessons will introduce basic music theory, vocalization, fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture and diction. Instructor will assist students with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo. Students will be able to express themselves with music and to improve their confident and presentation skills.

Scratch is a block-based programming language specially designed for kids without any programming knowledge. It is fun and easy to learn. In our summer camp, we'll teach students to create their favorite computer games and computer animation stories by Scratch.


Python is one of the most important and commonly used computer languages today. Python is widely used in mega-tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, etc. The course is focused on fun and practical.  Students will use Python commands to create useful programs and also learn to write computer games.

Food Science club

An introductory course for young minds to stay hungry, learning about the concept in Science while we making a yummy dish for our family!!

We'll be looking and asking questions:

- Do you know how cake rising in oven?

- What chemical reactions help cakes, muffins and cookie rise up nicely?

- How can we make chewy fresh pasta?

- What is the science behind this chewiness of the noodles? 

- How to make fresh pasta soft but won't be sticky & gooey? ...and... so much more!

Let's try that interesting cooking workshop with lots of discussion in Science and find out the fun facts behind.

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