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Fewer than half of Ontario Grade 6 Math students make the grade

Back in 2017, there’s a news about only half of Grade 6 students met the provincial standard in Math, the figure unchanged from 2016. A year later in 2018, the latest statistics showed that fewer than half of Ontario Grade 6 math students make the grade. The situation is getting worst, (can the reform of Math curriculum from the new government change the fact or something else ?

There’s no doubt that Mathematics is one of the most important subject in any grade. Student having good Math not only make their life more easy in elementary or high school, a good Math foundation also pave their way for other subjects like Accounting, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering…etc. Even if you’re away from these science related subject, you still cannot escape from the use of Math in your daily life. However, learning Math could be a nightmare to some students. There are many seen and unseen reasons for math students not making the grade. Reforming current Math curriculum is necessary and should at least have below key points covered.

- Do not forget the pre-school stage (0-6), which is the fastest development of the human brain. Math curriculum should cover that period.

- Encourage self motivation – Motivation starts from interest, if a child interest in the subject, they’ll find a way to learn at full speed.

- Strengthen on problem solving skills – The design of the study materials should encourage student to solve problems on their own.

- Minimize the use of multi-media learning tools at young age – Maximize the the use of their own hand, eyes, month, ear and muscle.

- Apply Math concept into their daily lifequality comes before quantity, understanding is more important than memorizing.

- Respect the difference – Individual have their own pace and ability. Personalized the learning materials to suit individual needs.

- Stimulating their learning via a happy and supportive environment.

- Encourage your student to help each other in the tutoring sessions

Remember, a good Math foundation not only comes from teacher, but also from their peers, environment, curriculum and materials.

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