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Junior Robotics

“Intelligence is the ability to find and solve problems and create products of value in one’s own culture.”


– Howard Gardner

Our Junior Robotics lessons provide students hands-on experiences to explore core STEM concepts and connect to real-life phenomenon. Our curriculum focus on communication, creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills. Each lesson is carefully designed in a fun and exciting way by using LEGO bricks and programming tools. Each student will learn and discover how science, technology, engineering and math affect their daily life.

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We use LEGO Education WeDo2.0 to engage and motivate students' interest in learning science and engineering related subjects. This is done through the use of motorized LEGO models and simple programming.


The WeDo 2.0 curriculum projects are built upon the habits of mind and interconnected throughout the practices and standards.


The Guided Projects will set the scene and facilitate the learning experience. The Projects will help to build the students’ confidence and provide the foundations necessary for success.


Experience students will use the Open Projects to Explore, Create and Share sequence. These projects are intentionally not offer the same step-by-step guidance as the Guided Projects. They provide an initial brief and starting points to build upon.
The key to using the Open Projects is to make them your own; offer opportunities for projects that are locally relevant and challenging in the areas they are familiar with.

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